The “TAPLE” Distributed Registry Network solution, aimed at Traceability processes, Circular Economy and IOT environments, is an innovation on blockchain. It is based on classic distributed registration technologies that guarantee the integrity and non-repudiation of the information on the registered events, also implemented on a peer-to-peer network.

This approach offers a new method of using blockchain by introducing significant changes in the information replication process on the Web3 that provide greater scalability, elasticity, and resilience compared to current blockchain networks.

TAPLE is infinitely more sustainable than current solutions since, due to its design, the need for consensus and ordering of transactions is dispensed with, which are requirements in currently implemented blockchain platforms, thus avoiding replicating the information in all the nodes of the network with the energy expenditure that this entails, and maintaining its immutability at the same time.

The events that are generated, which would be equivalent to transactions, are exchanged together with a strong cryptographic signature process, which is what gives authenticity to the events that are generated between these “subjects” of each microledger.

In this way, and as another innovative process of the TAPLE network, as it is a peer-to-peer network, it does not need to use the Proof of Work protocol, so the transactions have no economic cost.

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