Storage and Disk Cabinets

How do you know if your storage, your disk cabinets, meet your expectations?

  • Have your record booths been operating for more than 5 years?
  • Among the strategic objectives of your company is saving in energy consumption?
  • Do you require more processing speed for your servers?
  • Don’t you have a high tolerance system in case one of your servers goes down?
  • Do you have to make a service stop to update your disk cabin?
  • Do not have the possibility of expansion in your current storage?
  • Do you have methods to save space in your storage?

These questions may highlight the need to change existing storage and drive arrays

What results can your company get with the purchase of a new data drive cabinet?

  • A record cabin more than 5 years old is fully amortized and technologically obsolete.
  • The new cabins have a very low energy consumption.
  • Disk technologies have changed a lot in recent years and SSD or Flash disks are the fastest on the market and your company can take advantage of this improvement opportunity.
  • By means of a disk cabin, several servers can be connected to the same “hard disk” so that the data does not depend on a single server.
  • Our cabins always have a double controller that provides them with redundancy by design.
  • The expansion drawers of the data cabins allow growth in capacity making use of new hard drives.
  • Compression or deduplication, the new cabins make use of these technologies to save on storage capacity.

How can you upgrade your storage or install a new drive enclosure?

If we are talking about virtual servers, the task is to install the new disk array and migrate the servers to the new storage “Storage vMotion”. In case of not being virtual servers, the process involves copying the data between the old and the new booth.