July 5, 2023


At Open Canarias, we firmly believe that a successful company should not only seek profitability, but also make an active commitment to the society and environment in which we operate. We are proud to be a leading company in technology that prioritizes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in all our operations. Over the years, we have developed initiatives and practices that reflect our commitment to making a positive impact on the community and promoting sustainable development. At Open Canarias, we strive to set an example in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment. We understand the importance of caring for our surroundings and reducing our environmental impact. Therefore, we have implemented sustainable practices in our facilities and daily operations. We use energy-efficient technologies, promote recycling and responsible waste management, and constantly seek ways to minimize our carbon footprint. In addition, we encourage the responsible use of natural resources and support local initiatives for environmental conservation and protection. But our social responsibility is not limited to the environment. We recognize that our greatest asset is the people who are part of Open Canarias. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring fair, safe and enriching working conditions for our employees. We promote a culture of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion, and provide training and professional development programs to foster personal growth. We strive to maintain a positive and stimulating work environment, where all employees feel valued and can reach their full potential.


At Open Canarias, we understand that education and access to opportunities are fundamental for the development of an equitable and prosperous society. Therefore, we are actively involved in educational initiatives that promote inclusion and equal opportunities. We collaborate with educational institutions and non-profit organizations to offer digital skills training programs to disadvantaged communities. We believe that by investing in education, we are planting seeds for a better and more equitable future.


Our commitment to CSR is also reflected in our support for community projects and volunteer activities. We encourage our employees to participate in corporate volunteer programs, providing them with time and resources to contribute to meaningful social causes. We also partner with local organizations to support social projects that address specific challenges and needs in our communities. We are committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives and in the development of our communities. But our contribution to CSR does not stop there. As a technology company, we are constantly innovating and developing solutions that address social and environmental issues. We believe in the transformative power of technology and its ability to bring about meaningful change in society. We develop products and services that promote health, wellness and accessibility for all. Whether through mobile healthcare applications, sustainable mobility solutions or technologies that improve the lives of people with disabilities, we strive to use our experience and expertise to make a difference. At Open Canarias, we also commit to high ethical standards and transparency in all our operations. We ensure that our products and services comply with applicable regulations and standards, and we promote a culture of integrity and accountability among our employees. In addition, we strive to establish strong and ethical relationships with our suppliers and business partners, ensuring that they share our values and CSR principles. In conclusion, at Open Canarias, Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our corporate identity and culture. Through innovation, social commitment and sustainability, we seek to create a positive and lasting impact on society and the environment. We are proud to be a leading technology company that not only strives for excellence in its products and services, but also cares about the well-being of people and the protection of our planet.

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