August 9, 2022

Open Canarias joins the 1km1vida challenge

At Open Canarias we have joined the challenge “1km1vida” of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation with which we have also collaborated in the sponsorship of a child. This solidarity initiative seeks to help the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in the eradication of poverty in southern India.

This year, the challenge is to complete 129,249 km that can be covered on foot, running or by bicycle. The benefits generated by registering for the virtual race will go towards the construction of a Special Education Center for girls and boys with cerebral palsy in Dornala.

After 7 editions, more than a thousand lives have been sponsored and more than one million euros have been raised to support the different projects developed by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in southern India.

Numerous national and international personalities from the world of music, sports or theater have already signed up for this virtual race, such as Rozalén, Paul Young, Carolina Marín or Juanjo Artero.