May 25, 2023

Open Canarias participates in the SecBluRed project

The SecBluRed project - Holistic approach to cybersecurity in Industrial IoT raises several lines of research to address the challenges that the Spanish industry will face in the coming years. This R&D project is part of the CDTI’s Missions 2022 Program.

SecBluRed is aligned with the mission “Boosting Spanish industry in the industrial revolution of the XXI century”, specifically in the field of developing cybersecurity capabilities focused on productive, operational and logistical activities in the industrial environment, offering necessary protection to the connected industry.

The research axes in the project are the following:

  1. IIoT Securitization: The objective is to identify new complementary mechanisms to improve the cybersecurity of IIoT systems.

  2. BlueTeam: The objective is to provide additional mechanisms to an IIoT system, whether new or in operation, to strengthen its defense against cyber-attacks from malicious internal and/or external employees, in order to prevent information leakage or manipulation.

  3. RedTeam: The objective is to validate the cybersecurity of new IIoT system building components, as well as the effectiveness of the defense mechanisms proposed in the project.

The SecBluRed consortium is composed of a group of Spanish companies and IPOs, with MTP leading the consortium. The other entities involved are EDOSOFT and OPEN CANARIAS in the Canary Islands, amplía))) in Madrid, TSK in Asturias and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC with headquarters in Barcelona and presence throughout Spain.

MTP participates in the SecBluRed project with the aim of expanding its expertise in disruptive technologies such as AI within the field of cybersecurity in Industrial IoT, in order to expand its portfolio of professional services in the medium term to meet the growing demand for testing IoT systems. The SecBluRed - Holistic Approach to Industrial IoT Cybersecurity project will conclude in 2025. MTP, “Métodos y Tecnología de Sistemas y Procesos S.L”, leads and coordinates this project. SecBluRed is a project co-funded by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) through the Missions 2022 call, according to the resolution of June 16, 2022 of the CDTI Presidency.