February 23, 2023

Open Canarias quality standard

At Open Canarias we are committed to quality and safety in all our processes. This is evidenced by the different ISO certifications that we have achieved and maintain.

The satisfaction of our clients, the monitoring of external suppliers, the management of our processes and the continuous improvement have made possible the certification of the ISO 9001. Also, as an IT services provider, we have the ISO 20000 certification, which demonstrates the good effectiveness and the incorporation of the best methodologies in the management of our services.

At Open Canarias we are a company committed to the environment and to the Sustainable Development Objectives, which is why we are registered in the carbon footprint registry with a firm commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On the other hand, our commitment with sustainability is reflected in the ISO 14001 certification, related to the management of the risks of the activity we develop in the environment.

Additionally, at Open Canarias we continue working to be synonymous with quality and security and we are very close to obtaining the certifications corresponding to ISO 27001 and the National Security Scheme (ENS).