June 21, 2023

The Blockchain Awards of Alastria have been awarded. Open Canarias presented its TAPLE development.

Last Tuesday, June 20th, Alastria awarded the first “Blockchain Awards” in a ceremony held at the Wizink Center in Madrid. A total of seventy projects were presented and thirteen reached the final phase, leaving only four as winners for their innovative projects in sustainability, technology, and digital assets. Open Canarias participated in the Sustainability category with the Taple development.

The awards were divided into four categories in which blockchain technology can solve real-life problems and have a positive impact on society and people’s daily lives. The winner in the Best Blockchain Project for SME category was Blockiure, with its project to lead the digital transformation of the legal sector by digitizing documents, paperwork, and legal processes.

In the Big Company category, the award went to Dalion for its recognition project based on a decentralized identity system that gives users complete control over their personal data.

In the Digital Asses section, which rewards projects that drive the country towards technological efficiency and the development of digital assets, the award went to Folks Finance, which provides financial tools for digital assets.